Allow yourself to grow and change. Your future self is waiting. -Unknown
Allow yourself to grow and change. Your future self is waiting. -Unknown

Jessica Tuma, LPC



Jessica is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has an extensive and varied professional background.


Her experience in the Milwaukee area has focused on mental health, family and children's problems.


She offers clients a non-judgemental and compassionate approach, while working in partnership to help them find a positive outlook, an inner balance and an expanded set of skills to manage their life issues.


She has a special interest in improving the health and quality of life for people struggling with personal life challenges. 


As a therapist, Jessica has worked in depth with children, adosescents and adults.


Her work has addressed the personal issues of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and trauma, depression, anger management, pervasive mental health disorders, children's functional problems at home and school, and bereavement counseling.

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