Allow yourself to grow and change. Your future self is waiting. -Unknown
Allow yourself to grow and change. Your future self is waiting. -Unknown

Amber Robinson, LPC


Amber is a licensed professional counselor who works with children, adolescents, and young adults struggling to overcome life's obstacles. 
Amber has experience in multiple different areas of counseling with having worked on the child's unit in a specialty hospital, in a clinic setting working through ABA therapy, in treatment foster care, and in a short term intensive clinic. 
Her clinical interests include working with those who present with symptoms from depression and anxiety and who have experienced trauma, attachment issues, and conflicts within the family dynamic. She is also interested in working with those who are currently in foster care or have been adopted and are still struggling with the transition.
Amber's approach in therapy is to be goal oriented and focused on the needs of the client. She believes progress comes from the individual's desire to change. Amber will use the tools available to provide opportunities for processing and increase the individual's sense of understanding. She is dedicated to ensuring all clients are able to leave with helpful tools and an outlook that promotes strength and courage.
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